Prayer Calendar

Each month we invite a number of churches, pioneer projects and ministries to share news so Association churches can pray for them. Please click on the link below to see this month’s prayer requests.


Barney, Sara and their youngest son Josiah moved to Looe in May 2018 to listen, observe and be hosted by the community. They’re not coming with all the answers but they are listening to what God is saying and listening to the local community. From this posture of listening they seek to embody the Good News in relevant and creative ways.

  • Please pray for discernment as they seek hear God and use their time and resources wisely.

Hospital Chaplaincy

Most of us are fit and well and spend little time as patients in hospital.  Those of us who have done so for more than just a few days may have experienced and appreciated the ministry of the Hospital Chaplain either ordained or Lay.  Faced with surgery or long term care and rehabilitation it is comforting to receive the prayers and encouragement of the Chaplain, attend a chapel service or receive bedside communion.  In our association there are multitudes of volunteer chaplains serving patients week in and week out under the leadership of employed chaplains.  A prayer of thanksgiving and blessing for the chaplains before you leave this page would be appreciated.  Perhaps this is a ministry you might consider, if so, contact your spiritual care team at your local hospital or hospice.


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