Prayer Calendar

Each month we invite a number of churches, pioneer projects and ministries to share news so Association churches can pray for them. Please click on the link below to see this month’s prayer requests.

Breathe Communities – ‘Breathe’ is a church plant that reaches out creatively to those in Penzance.  Open three days a week, using the arts, we communicate Jesus creatively, with the core values; Breathe, Create and Grow.


  • For God providing everything we have needed.
  • For recognition as a CIO.
  • For many from diverse walks of life, who come in and engage both creatively and spiritually.
  • For partnership with the local special needs school.


  • For spiritual growth of those who come regularly
  • For team – we need a couple of people who want to be part of Breathe as their sole faith community.
  • For finance – both for items that we need and ongoing expenses.

Prayer for the Padres – The SWBA area has a number of Naval and Marine bases in which Baptist Ministers serve.  These are ministers, experienced in civilian ministry, who have felt a call to join the military to serve as commissioned chaplains.  Naval Chaplains are commissioned by the Queen and as such hold no rank, but are just known a Chaplain or more informally ‘Bish’ or ‘Padre’.  We have five Ministers serving in the South West; Andrew Allcock, serving at HMS Raleigh which is where those joining the navy as ratings are trained; Simon D’Albertanson who is at the Royal Marine Commando Training Camp at Lympstone (CTCRM); Mike Pons, who is service at Britannia Royal Naval College (BRNC) where they train those who have joined the Navy to become officers; Mick Uffindell, who is currently in training at HMS Drake and Britannia Naval College and finally Tudor Thomas-Botwood who ministers at Flag Officer Sea Training (FOST), FOST is like OFSTED for British, European and US ships.  Please pray for us all but in particular Simon who is going through his commando tests, which are very gruelling and Mike who has broken in thumb and had to stop his training until May.  Please uphold them in your prayers.


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